ICS designs, manufactures and erects a full range of industrial, civil and structural engineering services and is a registered exporter.

  •  Structural Steel Works:
Conveyor Gantries, Building Frames, Silos, Bins, Hoppers, Large and Small Storage Tanks, Drive houses, Machine platforms, A-Frames, Space Frames and Shaft steelwork.

  •  Reinforced Concrete Structures:
Bunkers, Tunnels, Retaining walls, Towers, Silos, Buildings, Frames for machinery, Tank pits, Storage basins, Canals, Water reservoirs, Minor bridges.

  •  Foundations:
Spread footings, Raft foundations, Piled foundations, Machine footings, Railbeams.

  •  Earthworks:
Major levelling and terracing, Trenches, Deep excavations, Small dams, Ground stabilizations.

  •  Underground Works:
Tunnels through rock and softground, shafts, stations, pipe jacking.

  •  Roadworks:
Factory and township roads with gravel, bituminous surfaces or concrete paving, Parking areas, Storage areas.

  •  Services:
Water reticulation, Sewers, Stormwater networks, Industrial piping, Cable ducts, Pumping mains

  •  Miscellaneous:
Buildings and houses, Railway sidings, Structural timber design, Manufacturing, Supply and Rubber lining.


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